Candy Embellishments

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Assorted Candy and Cupcake Sugared Ornaments-ornaments, Christmas, candy, cupcake, gingerbread house, pink, blue, crafts, supplies, holidays, tree, sweets, flat back
Assorted Candy and Cupcake Sugared Ornaments
Glittered Candy Cane Embellishments-candy canes, glittered, red, white, candy, Christmas, Tree, sweet, sugar, ornament, plastic, peppermint
Glittered Candy Cane Embellishments
Glittered Mini Easter Eggs-Easter, eggs, pastel, spring, glitter, wreaths, decoration, bunny, chicks, miniature, table
Glittered Mini Easter Eggs
Glittered Peppermint Embellishments-peppermints, red, white, candy, embellishments, Christmas ornament, sugar, glittered, crafts, supplies, sweet
Glittered Peppermint Embellishments
Out of Stock
Mini Speckled Eggs-Easter, eggs, pastel, spring, speckled, wreaths, decoration, bunny, chicks, miniature, table
Mini Speckled Eggs
Miniature Pastel Bulb Garland-Easter, Christmas, pearl, pastel, eggs, bulbs, tree, decoration, lights, string, pink, yellow, blue, white, garland
Miniature Pastel Bulb Garland
Pastel Glittered Pinwheel Lollipops-lollipops, pastel, glittered, embellishments, candy, pinwheel, Christmas, Tree, Sugar, sweet, crafts, supplies
Pastel Glittered Pinwheel Lollipops
Out of Stock
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